Ref. 5600 Universe Pro 3


5600 Universe Pro 3

Universe headend: 3 inputs (DVB-S2, DVB-T2 or DVB-C) / 3 IP out and 3 RF out (DVB-T or ISDB-T)

This rackmountable Universal Compact Headend enables you to receive any transponder from satellite, terrestrial or cable and put it on your coaxial and IP network. 

  • receives 3 transponders from any DVB source (satellite, terrestrial or cable) 
  • decrypts the PayTV channels, when one or more professional CAMs are inserted 
  • puts the demodulated transponders on your private coaxial and IP network 
  • can work standalone to insert channels in your existing network 
  • compatible with SD and HD, with MPEG2 and MPEG4 
  • supports LCN 
  • perfect picture quality thanks to a MER, comparable to premium headend equipment 
  • Plug&Play thanks to a built-in WebGUI