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The technology market keeps moving forward. So does Johansson, with a range of over 250 telecommunication, multimedia and IoT solutions. Currently selling in more than 70 countries, we reach tens of millions of TV viewers on a daily basis. Perhaps even you?

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With our broad range, we are highly motivated to provide supreme TVexperiences all over the world. 100% of our customers agree with the high quality level of our products.

In our catalogues, you'll find:

  • More than 250 innovative products
  • Market leading solutions in Satellite - Terrestrial - Fiber - IP - HDMI - ...
  • High tech TV distribution equipment that will last for years!

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New RF over Fiber solution

We proudly present our new fiber distribution range: an easy-to-install solution to equip buildings with a fiber system or to replace traditional coaxial systems by a compact fiber system. This results in longer distance reach, lower signal degradation and lower equipment costs. These budget friendly products solve cable losses in large MDU’s, ideal for high buildings, tourist areas, compounds, etc.

We offer an end-to-end solution starting from the LNB over fiber to the STB.

Our range includes:

  • Fiber Headend with satellite wideband and terrestrial inputs
  • Fiber receivers with satellite wideband and terrestrial outputs
  • Fiber Termination Units with integrated SCR technology

Without a doubt, our satellite fiber distribution range will improve your installations:

  • Higher signal quality over more splits
  • A high-qualitative solution for 2 satellite orbital positions in combination with Terrestrial