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AGC & ASC Satellite & Cable Amplifier

AGC & ASC Satellite & Cable Amplifier

Smart Amp 3 IN (4G)


Smart Amp 4 IN (4G)


NEW in our Johansson range: dSCR/LEGACY QUAD/QUATTRO Optical Converter

This unique dSCR/legacy Quad Optical Convertor with high output power has been developed to help installers overcome low signal quality in satellite fiber installations. This easy to use product can be used in Quad or Quattro mode.

In Quad mode, 3 optical wavelengths are converted to 4 x dSCR/legacy + TERR.

In Quattro mode, the product serves as a satellite trunk output, as 3 wavelengths are converted to Vl, Hl, Vh, Hh, TERR.

  • Unique product in the market with high output power
  • Optical input level: -14 to +4 dBm
  • Optical wavelengths: 1310nm (V) + 1330nm (H) + 1550nm (T)
  • AGC on all output ports
  • Signal quality indicator per wavelength
  • Sky compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be used in systems with up to 128 splits
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The Johansson brand is almost 60 years old

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In a world where more and more physical objects are being connected, Radio-Frequency (RF) expertise is key. Johansson, part of the UnitronGroup, is your technology partner for all your customized IP and RF solutions. UnitronGroup is a family-owned international group of companies that develops, produces and sells telecommunication, multimedia and Internet of Things solutions. UnitronGroup is headquartered in Poperinge, Belgium and has offices and production facilities all over the world.