Ref. 8210 HDMI Streamer


8210 HDMI Streamer

HDMI Streamer: 1 HDMI input / 1 HDMI loop through / 1 IP streaming port

Put an HDMI stream on your local OR WORLDWIDE network The Johansson HDMI Streamer is designed for small to medium-sized projects. 

It is a High Definition Video and Audio Encoder that makes it easy to put your HDMI source on a (local) network and/or internet. 
This gives the end-user the flexibility to see your real-time video content on their preferred (mobile) device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV. 
The end-user can simply surf to a dedicated webpage or streaming service. No need to install a mobile application or additional software, it works on any web browser. 

Interesting for local video (surveillance cams, digital signage, advertisements, info channel, creating your own local broadcast, etc) and for streaming to live platforms (e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Ustream, Wowza, etc). 

The 8210 has multiple functionalities
  • Enable a HDMI source on your local network using the built-in webpage (HLS unicast) 
  • Multicast a HDMI source for an IPTV application (UDP multicast) 
  • Publish your live stream to an online platform (RTMP) 
  • HDMI loop-through for simultaneous viewing on a local TV


Inputs - 1x HDMI
Outputs - 1x IP Ethernet RJ-45 jack (for streaming+WebGUI) 
1x HDMI loopthrough
HDMI input - Video resolution: 576i up to 1080p 
Video encoding: H264/AVC 
Video bitrate encoding: from 1 Mbps to 30Mbps 
Audio encoding: MPEG2 
Audio bitrate encoding: 32 -192 Kbps 
Streaming port Mbps 10/100
Ethernet OTT encapsulation - HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming) (unicast)
Ethernet multicasting - Possible to output UDP multicast (requires external IGMP snooping equipment)
Simultaneous users - Up to 30 (depending on the bitrate and the network infrastructure)
Input resolution - Up to 1080p60
Supported playback 0 All HTML 5 browsers on Android/iPhone/Mac/PC/SmartTV/… 
No need to install mobile application or additional software 
Configuration - Network/login/input encoder settings/output multicast settings
Power consumption W 5
Operating temperature °C 0 to +50 (for indoor use only)
Dimensions mm 155 x 120 x 50
Weight Kg 0,6
EAN - 5404041101736