Ref. 5952 RMU Smart Power Supply


5952 RMU Smart Power Supply

RMU with integrated power supply for redundancy


  • Enables you to remotely configure and monitor a specific headend installation. 
  • This drastically reduces on-site maintenance, saving you time and money. 
  • REF. 5952: The integrated power supply acts as a back-up power supply. The 5952 is primarily powered from the 15V power supply (REF. 5050W), but the 5952 must also be powered with a mains cable. As long as the primary 15V is present, the built-in power supply will be in stand-by. 
  • The RMU Smart Power Supply is a very smart and powerful solution that connects with uCloud 

The RMU has the following specifications: 
  • RMU ref. 5951 with intelligent backup power supply for redundancy (use ref. 5050W as primary power supply) 
  • input: 15V and 110-230V 
  • output: 14.3V 
  • rack-mountable module 
  • very simple installation (plug-and-play) 
  • no network knowledge needed 
  • very cost-efficient solution for remote monitoring and alarming 

With uCLOUD , you can do the following:
  • free application to manage and configure all your installations remotely 
  • monitoring of modules 
  • alarming 
  • Google Maps overview of all your installations 
  • one button-connect to any installation 
  • add pictures and comments regarding the installation 
  • safe remote access with certificates and password authentication 
  • solve problems from wherever you are, no need to go on-site for headend reconfiguration