Ref. 9930 Power Inserter


9930 Power Inserter

4 lines power injecter, switchable 13/18V and 22kHz

The 9930 is a satellite power inserter, which can be used to ensure a universal LNB is locked on the correct satellite band. Each of the 4 inputs can be configured to deliver the desired control signals (13/18V + 0/22 kHz). The selected control signal is indicated by a bi-color LED. 

  • 4 satellite inputs / 4 satellite outputs 
  • Frequency range: 5-2150 MHz 
  • Current/input: up to 350 mA 
  • Low insertion loss: <1 dB 
  • Independent satellite band for each input (indicated by bi-color LED)


Inputs  - 4
Frequency range  MHz 5-2150
Insertion loss  dB <1
Isolation between ports  dB >35
Return loss  dB >10
Control signals  VDC Switchable: 13/18/13+tone/18+tone 
Added power supply adapter  - 20V - 1A 
Dimensions  mm 158 x 102 x51