Ref. 9670 dSCR DiSEqC inserter


9670 dSCR DiSEqC inserter

The dSCR DiSEqC inserter combines DiSEqC commands from the STB with the power from an external power adapter.

9670KIT: ref.9670 with Power adapter (ref. 2462)


Frequency range  MHz 100-2150
Insertion loss  dB 1
Return loss dB 12
DC-pass from PSU Input to dSCR - Yes, up to 1A
DC-pass from PSU Input to STB - No
DC-pass from STB to dSCR - No
DC-loss @ 1A from PSU Input to dSCR V 0,4
PSU input Voltage V 20
DiSEqC 1.x / 2.0 from STB to dSCR - Yes
Dimensions  mm 61x51x16 
EAN - 5404041102023