Ref. 9739 DSCR Multiswitch add-on


9739 DSCR Multiswitch add-on

4 satellite + terrestrial inputs, 2 outputs with each 16 User Bands

The 9739 can be used with Quattro or Quad LNB types and will output in Legacy or SCR mode. Use the Multiswitch Add-on to change a legacy Multiswitch to a Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) without loss of existing legacy ports. Concretely, you can use the Multiswitch Add-on to upgrade your legacy Multiswitch system and make the latest generation of SCR set-top boxes (STB) available in 1 or 2 Single Family Units (SFUs) per Add-on. You can also use this Multiswitch Add-on to transform a Fiber GTU signal to a SCR GTU signal.

No need to interrupt the trunk signal during installation. 
Power with Ref. 2460 Power Supply 

Supports the following standards: 
  • EN50494/SCR standard (DiSEqC 1.0)
  • EN50607/dCSS/dSCR standard (DiSEqC 2.0) 
  • CONCURRENT EN50494/EN50607 standards 
  • SKY UK standard


Inputs - 4 ports Terrestrial + Satellite
Input Frequency MHz 5 – 862 / 950 – 2150  
STB Output Frequency MHz 5 – 862 / 950 – 2150
dCSS/dSCR outputs - 2 legacy only 
2 SCR/legacy (auto detection)
dCSS/dSCR output connector Ohm 75 F type (Female)
dCSS/dSCR UBs - 16 per SCR output
dCSS/dSCR output level dBm -21
Satellite input power level dBm -45 to -15
Return loss dB >=8 (Typ 12)
Tap loss SCR dB Not applicable, AGC (automatic Gain control)
Tap loss legacy dB 0 typical
Terrestrial/Cable loss dB -7 typical
Band and polarity selection - Universal LNB voltage & Tone 
DiSEqC 1.0 (unidirectional) 
DiSEqC 2.0 (bidirectional) 
Standard EN 50494 (SCD) 
Standard EN 50607 (SCD 2) 
SKY UK standard
Max DC current consumption 
Legacy only ports
W <2
Max DC current consumption 
SCR/Legacy ports
W <4,2
DC power pass from STB to input ports V 13/18/22kHz 100mA max per port
From DC power port to input ports V 13/18/22kHz 100mA max per port 1A max to HL port
Power supply   - From STB or power inserter  
Power (2460 available separately)   A 3.0 max, 20V  
Dimensions mm 90x85x40
EAN - 9739: 5404041102207 
9739MC: 5404041102214