Ref. 4603 3-Way Smart Splitter


4603 3-Way Smart Splitter

3-way smart splitter for SCR application

Standard splitters can give collisions when two commands come at the same time or when one of the set-top boxes uses a permanent high voltage. A smart splitter captures the commands of the different set-top boxes and serializes them to guarantee no collisions happen. 

  • Indoor housing 
  • 3-way 
  • No power adapter needed 
  • Buffers and sends out the different command signals


Way - 3
Frequency range MHz 5-2150
Insertion loss dB 9
Return loss in / out dB > 10
DC power pass mA 500 max.
Input voltage VDC 10 min. / 20 max.
Message buffer - 3 / receiver port
Dimensions mm 140 x 68 x 40
EAN - 5404041100814